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Our History

Our History

In the late 1940's, a small and committed group of faithful believers gathered together in the city of San Bernardino to found, what was known then, as White Rose Church. Led by the church's founder and chief visionary, Lee Leslie Carter, these faithful believers, strengthened by prayer, worked with their bare hands, sweat and tears to build the church's first location. During Pastor Carter's tenure, the church would experience strong membership growth and impact the community in a myriad of ways. 

Upon his retirement in the late 1970's, Pastor Carter would pass the pastoral mantle to Hardy Johnson, Sr., one of the ministers on Pastor Carter's staff. Under Pastor Hardy Johnson's leadership, the ministry of the church would continue to expand, with new families joining the church and new ministries developed. With his innate charisma, charm, character, and commitment to community service, Pastor Hardy Johnson became one of most well-known pastors in the San Bernardino area and received many accolades for his community initiatives and involvement. 

After almost twenty years as senior pastor, Pastor Hardy Johnson welcomed his son Steven D. Johnson Sr. to become the church's next senior pastor in 1993. For the next twenty years, Pastor Steven D. Johnson Sr. relied upon his extensive managerial and theological training to help lead the church towards new growth and development. Several programs began under his leadership, including the establishment of a youth center and an after-school program. During his tenure, the church would also retire its debt obligation and ceremonially burn the mortgage.  

In July of 2013, Pastor Steven D. Johnson II was called to be the church's fourth pastor. A graduate of Morehouse College, Duke University and the University of Redlands, Pastor Steven D. Johnson II brings a unique and dynamic amalgamation of leadership skills, business acumen and theological training. He has been charged with leading the church in the 21st century to higher heights in order to make maximum impact on local communities for the glory of God. 

Today, the House of Hope Church continues the church's core evangelical mission of leading people to Christ while serving and strengthening our local communities. The church is now based in Rialto, California and maintains property in San Bernardino. The church is multi-cultural and multi-generational and believes that the authentic church of Jesus Christ should be a place of faith, hope, love, fellowship, reconciliation, outreach and community empowerment.



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